Eat Healthy To Gain Clear Skin And Flawless Look!

When you think of eating healthy, you may think of endorphins, weight loss or muscle toning. However, regular exercise and a healthy diet also benefit another part of your body besides the waistline, and that is your skin! Yes, for a proper skin care regimen, it is important to eat healthy and do regular exercise which plays a big role in maintaining your younger looking skin.

You are what you Eat!

To get the most out of your exercise and your skin care regimen, you should eat the right food and in an adequate quantity. There are many people who are not aware with the fact that a rich diet of vegetables not only improve the health of your body, but also tone and complexion too. Further, eating healthy foods which are rich in vitamin A, C and E reduce wrinkles from your skin and repair your damaged skin.

Here are the Top Foods for your Skin…

Berries – Helps to build the collagen that make your skin soft and supple

Carrots – Reduces free radical damage and prevents skin from sun damage

Guava – Tightens your skin and improves its tone and texture

Avocados – Prevents dry skin and keeps your skin plump and youthful

Pomegranates – Prevents spider veins and strengthens your blood vessels

Cucumber – It is a great source of hydration for your skin that provides glow and charm to your skin

Plums – Keeps your skin healthy and flawless

Grapefruit – Helps to fight cancer and provides you young and healthy skin

Some Useful Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Skin!

You should have a healthy and light lunch regularly that will make you alert and active. Skipping your lunch is never a good idea

If you have a habit to skip your lunch, then change your habit as soon as possible. To have a healthy and fit life, we should never skip our lunch and do heavy breakfast that contain plenty of proteins and carbohydrates

To enjoy your healthy dinner, you should have wheat noodles or rice. Avoid oily foods as well as heavy meals at night

How you look and feel, it all depends on what you eat in your meals. To stay beautiful and have a charm on your skin, you must keep a look at your eating habits. A healthy diet is the secret of your clear, smooth, beautiful and younger looking skin.